A Car Owner’s Guide to Brake Repairs

A Car Owner’s Guide to Brake Repairs

Brake Fluid and Hydraulic Components Government regulations specify the hydraulic fluid used in brake systems. Brake fluid is exposed to a very wide range of temperatures from ambient temperatures far below zero to near one thousand degrees of glowing hot metal under hard braking. One relatively unknown characteristic of brake fluid is its tendency to absorb moisture. The master cylinder has a small reservoir of fluid with a sealed cap to limit exposure to atmosphere. Over time, however, some moisture is inevitably absorbed by the fluid. Owners of older cars need to be aware of problems associated with contaminated fluid and have brake fluid changed at the fist sign of problems Spongy pedal feel, brake sticking, and brake failure during sub-zero weather are some symptoms. (Moisture in brake fluid can freeze). Brake fluid is clear and colorless. If it is cloudy, brown or has visible contamination it should be replaced throughout the system.

this is not a do-it-yourself project

Any brake inspection or re pair should include a visual examination of the brake lines Metal and rubber brake lines under a car are subject to damage from road debris Rubber lines can deteriorate with age and develop leaks. A few minutes looking at brake components under a car can prevent dangerous problems on the road.

The master cylinder is the “master” of the system. Master cylinders and the small cylinders in the calipers (often called wheel cylinders) are best left to the professionals A brake safety inspection can find indications of problems such as leaks but the repairs are best performed by a brake shop.

There are some additional components such as proportioning valves, anti-lock brake systems, warning lights and parking if emergency brakes that are beyond the scope of an article about basics.

Signs you need to have your brakes checked

There is very little that can match the panic that follows when a brake pedal goes all the way to the floor without effect on the vehicle speed. After taking your vehicle to a used car inspection in your local city, you’ll soon realize that you’ll need to repair it quickly before anything bad could possibly happen to you. Modern vehicles have dual systems that make a complete system failure very unlikely. Pro portioning valves and similar devices in the hydraulic system include sensors and switches to detect a severe imbalance of pressure caused by failure of one of the dual systems. If the brake warning light on the dash comes on, carefully get the car to a re pair shop, even if the brakes still seem OK.

Many vehicle manufacturers include a brake wear warning device. An annoying, high-pitched squeal every time you apply the brakes is a sure sign of a problem. Jerking or vibration in the steering wheel during braking is a sign of rotor problems. A spongy or slowly descending brake pedal is a sign of possible master cylinder problems. If you find yourself using more foot pressure on the pedal to stop your vehicle you need to get your brakes checked. Under severe braking conditions such as long downhill grades brakes can get so hot that fluid boils or the pads loose their

friction properties When this happens (if you survive) you need to find a place to allow the brakes to cool and, after the trip is complete, have your brakes checked for heat damage or fluid deterioration. Older vehicles have drum brakes on the rear wheels with a more complex mechanical configuration. Other than the drums and shoes in place of pads and rotors the systems operate the same.

Knowing How to Handle Conflict Creates a Lasting Relationship

Knowing How to Handle Conflict Creates a Lasting Relationship

It is an unavoidable fact of life that within every relationship there will be occasional conflicts. Knowing the smartest ways to deal with these conflicts will help you sustain a long, happy and healthy relationship. The most successful couples are those who have figured out how to resolve conflict in these healthy ways:

Set ground rules for disagreements – These include no name calling or bringing up past mistakes, because what was done in the past is over. Don’t go to bed angry with one another. Freely admit if you are wrong and remember that sincere apologies go a long way towards mending hurt feelings.

Avoid absolutes – Don’t use phrases like ”you always” or ”you never”. Choose a more constructive way to begin like ”I feel” or ”this makes me feel” to express your feelings productively.

Don’t bottle your emotions – Don’t discount your partner‘s feelings, but also don’t cast your feelings aside. Don’t engage in contemptuous actions like eye-rolling or blatant disrespect.

Refuse to take part in intense arguing – Say that you care about your partner and value their opinion, but you won’t take part in a heated argument. Tell your partner that you both need time to think, to gather your feelings and to decide how to express them. Come back later to discuss things.

Work together to identify and resolve the issue Successful couples realize there are ways to separate the issue from the person. You may not always love things that the other person does, but you never lose your deeply felt love and respect for your partner. Couples that have mastered the art of conflict resolution can figure out what it is that’s causing a conflict, and then work together to come to a mutually agreeable solution to the problem.

Showing emotional maturity, refusing to overwhelm your partner with strong or unhealthy emotions and taking time to think over your conflicting feelings puts you on the road to a healthier, more respectful relationship. The longest married couples and those who have been able to stay together the longest have found that they are able to handle conflicts that will surely come up in constructive ways, without being hurtful to one another.

Recognize and Celebrate Differences

Sometimes the issue isn’t so much the conflict being discussed, but the fact that you both are two different people with differences in personalities. Learning to accept these differences and to continue to love each other in spite of personality differences is a crucial part of relationship success Try to understand what your partner is going through at the time of your disagreement. Maybe he or she is tired, stressed out from work or life issues, hungry or otherwise preoccupied and would really appreciate being given the benefit of the doubt.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

If you start with the small issues and life’s minor irritations and are able to constructively deal with those conflicts, you’ll gain confidence to help you handle the bigger issues that come u p. You’ll find your relationship becomes stronger and more loving, and you’ll be able to have the successful relationship you’ve always hoped to have. A successful, loving relationship is not always easy, but it is always worth the effort.

Enjoyable ways for Senior Citizens to supplement their Pension

Enjoyable ways for Senior Citizens to supplement their Pension

(note: The Following graphs were received a by a Nursing Home Facility providing care in Portland, Oregon) Seniors have expenses similar to everyone else yet must live on the reduced income of a pension. Even seniors that enjoy a mortgage-free home still have to come up with money for property taxes and repairs, such as a new roof. Social Security allows you to earn slightly more than $15,000 from an outside job without a penalty to your benefits. So here are some enjoyable ways to supplement your pension without laboring in a factory or a minimum-wage fast food joint.

Teaching a Skill – Many people cannot learn a new skill from a book. They want first-hand instruction from an experienced person. There are hundreds of skills you could teach:

Basic carpentry – Woodworking projects (such as making furniture or bird houses). Welding projects (perhaps making a decorative grate for a fireplace)

Needlework – Fine arts (sketching oil painting, pottery)

You don’t need a teaching degree to work as a tutor, but you should be knowledgeable in the subject and able to explain things easily. Younger kids frequently need help with general math or algebra. College students could use a mentorin their field of study. The coursework in some majors is demanding and it helps to have someone explain difficult concepts one-to-one.

Tour Guide

Do you live in a medium or large city and enjoy being around people? Consider working as a tour guide at one of your local attractions Contact nearby museums, the zoo, historical attractions, and national or state parks to

offer your services

If you are only interested in seasonal employment, then check with tour companies a few months before the busy tourist season. They provide training during the off-season so you will be ready to make a good impression on their customers when vacation season starts.

Make Your Hobby Profitable

Research ways to make your hobby profitable. Here are a few suggestions so you can start thinking of ideas: Seamstress – alter clothing such as wedding or bridesmaid dresses or business suits, or sew clothing from a pattern your customer provides.

Woodworking – make furniture or decorative items.

Quilter – make small items to sell at the flea market or fairs, such as pot holders, table runners, or Christmas stockings.

Personal Shopper

Many people appreciate the services of a personal shopper, including busy executives and dimpled shut-ins. The type of shopping van’ es with each client. Many of them do not want the hassle of finding the ”perfect gift” so they hire a personal shopper to make a suitable selection. Sometimes personal shoppers run errands for their clients For example, the client ordered groceries online but you pick them at the store and deliver to the home. Most of the time, however, the client will give you a list and you do the shopping for them. Pet sitters are in demand during holiday weekends and peak

With the above breaking down the average amount of income coming in from seniors over 65 and where, you can see that the majority are actually relying upon social security. Any of our recommended alternatives should seriously be considered because within the next 15 years, social security will be all but a thing of the past.

A Rundown of Server Virtualization Technology

A Rundown of Server Virtualization Technology

Computers have come a long way over the years, but this isn’t always so obvious when it comes to servers Servers are computers that host information for other computers on a network. They have a lot of processing potential. A lot of power. And yet most physical servers-also called hosts-fail to tap into that power. That’s because each physical server needs its own operating system and is usually assigned a single task The server’s processing potential is wasted.

But there is a solution to this: server virtualization technology.

What is Server Virtualization Technology? Virtualization takes something real and makes a virtual version of it. Server virtualization takes a physical server and makes it into several virtual servers, or guests. These virtual servers are capable of running their own operating systems, all on a single physical server. A huge benefit of server virtualization is that it lets you fully take advantage of your computer’s processing power. You can use your computer to its full potential. Instead of having 15 servers at low capacity, you can have 4 or less at nearly full capacity.

There are 3 popular methods of server virtualization: Full Virtualization

The purpose of full virtualization is to allow for more than one operating system to coexist on a single computer. Full virtualization does this by using a software called a hyper visor to play the role of computer hardware. The hyper visor emulates the whole computer. Any communication between a virtual server and a physical server is intercepted and transferred by the hyper visor. It tricks the virtual servers into thinking that it’s real hardware, so the virtual servers are never aware of the physical server’s operating system. As far as each virtual server is concerned, it’s the only server in existence.

Paravirtualization As with full virtualization, paravirtualization uses a hyper visor to run multiple operating systems on a single computer. In paravirtualizati on, however, the hyper visor is less deceitful and doesn’t try to keep the virtual servers unaware of each other. Instead, the whole server works together as one. And instead of the full scale emulation that full virtualization brings to the table, paravirtualization uses a modified operating system that has been adapted to work with virtual servers. Because paravirtualization doesn’t emulate the whole system, operating systems will usually achieve better performances.

Operating System Virtualization

Unlike full virtualization and paravirtualization, operating system virtualization does not use a hypervisor. Instead, all of the duties of a hypervisor are given to the actual physical server’s operating system. The virtual servers are aware of each other, but have to work alone. In order for operating system virtualization to work, all the virtual servers have to run the same operating system as the host. Because of this, less strain is put on the physical server.

There are a lot of reasons why people take up server virtualization technology. By turning a physical server into several virtual servers, you can truly savor the processing power your computer has to offer. You can also prevent applications from harming each other during an upgrade and SW9 yourself a good deal of money on hardware costs. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider investing in server virtualization technology.

Six Things To Do To Become a Better Runner

Six Things To Do To Become a Better Runner

Better running isn’t simply a matter of running faster or for a longer period. While every runner would like to improve their abilities, knowing how to actually get better can be trickier. Here are six good ways to become a stronger, more effective runner, outside of simply running harder.

1. Get enough sleep. Just like the brain, the body can’t perform at its best without proper rest. Runners who receive quality rest will always have an advantage over those with bad sleep habits. Good sleep is also one of the secrets to steering clear of injury and recovering from exertion since the body does most of its natural recuperation work during sleep.

2. Stretch. The more a set of muscles are worked and put under stress, the more they need to be stretched out. Otherwise, joints and muscles will only become tighter, resulting in pain, impingement, and reduced performance. Luckily, there are many different effective stretching modalities available. Among these are systems of organized stretching such as taichi or yoga, as well as the simple use of a foam roller.

3 Cross-train. Cross-training is crucial to developing resistance to injury and increasing overall athletic skills Concentrating on running alone is likely to result in over training, which can trigger strains and other problems. Cross training is a good way to strengthen muscles that, while they may be involved in running, are not sufficiently challenged by the exercise. For example, focusing on strength training for areas like the core and upper back is a good idea.

4. Eat well. In general, a healthy diet is an aid to any kind of serious exertion. Strong performance in every exercise depends upon a nutritious, balanced diet. When it comes to running specifically, meals should be consumed between one and three hours before a workout begins, so as to avoid cramping. Pre-running meals should be built around carbohydrates, which are used as fuel by the body. These meals should also be easy to digest.

5. Hydrate properly. Cramps fatigue, and poor performance in general can all be directly caused by dehydration. Runners should avoid trouble by consuming plenty of water both before and during a run. Sports energy drinks (such as Gatorade and Powerade) are a good way to also regain the electrolytes inevitably lost due to sweat.

6. Get proper footwear. Some runners assume that any old pair of sneakers will do just fine for running. This is a mistake. Not only will the wrong shoes hamper performance, but they can also increase the odds of many different kinds of injury. The best way for a runner to ensure that they have the right footwear is to pay a visit to a running shoe store.

Paradoxically, better running doesn’t necessarily have all that much to do with running itself. Oftentimes, as the above list shows, the key to better running is a matter of what you do when you aren’t out hitting the pavement. Anyone looking to become a better runner will benefit from following these tips

Look After Your Brighter Smile – Caring for Dental Veneers

Look After Your Brighter Smile – Caring for Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a very effective form of cosmetic dentistry, making it both simple and relatively inexpensive to fix stained or chipped teeth, resulting in a brighter, happier smile. High quality veneers that have been expertly fitted should last for years, especially if you follow these few simple steps to help keep them in perfect condition.

Stop Nervous Chewing Habits

Many people find that they absent-mindedly chew on hard objects such as pens as an aid to concentration in everyday life. While this is not particularly good for your teeth in any case, it’s particularly bad if you’ve had veneers fitted. Although made to be tough and hard-wearing, porcelain dental veneers are still a little more fragile than natural tooth enamel. When they’re faced with hard objects they will often come off second best, with cracking and general wear a real danger. The same goes for harder foods- be careful when gnawing on BBQ ribs, for example.

Revisit Your Choice of Toothbrush and Tooth paste

If you had your veneers fitted to counteract staining, you may have previously got into the habit of using a stiff-bristled toothbrush and abrasive paste in an effort to whiten your smile. Once you have veneers, however, you should change to a softer brush and milder toothpaste so as not to damage the veneer surface.

Beware of New Staining

While your veneers will have been formulated to be stain-resistant, the same cannot be said of the adhesives used during fitting and certainly not of your remaining natural enamel surfaces. If you consume large amounts of naturally staining substances such as coffee or red wine, you could find that your veneers stay clear while other parts of your smile become discolored. This uneven staining is usually very noticeable, so try and limit your consumption of risky foods and drinks.

Prevent Physical Damage

However tough they are, veneers are still somewhat prone to cracks and chipping when subjected to shocks If you play any contact sports, or take part in other similar activities, then it’s a good idea to wear a gum shield to prevent damaging your veneers. Also beware of nocturnal tooth grinding You may do this without even being aware of it, and it is particularly harmful to veneers, so look out for the warning signs and wear a mouth guard overnight if necessary.

Maintain High Hygiene Standards

Lastly, veneers are a generally low-maintenance type of dental treatment, but this doesn’t mean you can slacken off on proper oral care. If your standards slip, you could be storing up future tooth problems hidden behind your healthy-looking veneers. Similarly, don’t neglect your regular dental check-ups, and always ask your dentist if your veneers could benefit from a quick polish and clean on your visits to help keep them in top condition.

Despite their ease of fitting and low cost com pared to many other forms of cosmetic dentistry, veneers still re present a significant investment. Looking after them in these simple ways will ensure they continue to brighten your smile for years to come.

Dry Skin - Causes and Treatment

Dry Skin : Causes and Treatment

Dry skin, also called xerosis, is a relatively common condition among the general population. The symptoms can include dryness, cracking, flaking and itching. It is associated with aging as well as numerous outside influences such as the environment. Depending on the cause, there are ways to prevent and treat the symptoms.

A lack of humidity in the air can dry your skin out. The cold weather brings lower humidity both outside and inside when you turn your heat on. This will dry your skin. Airplanes are known for their dry air, so if you travel on them frequently, this could be causing your dry skin condition. A humidifier at home can help keep the air and your skin moist. Before traveling on airplanes, you should use a moisturizer with humectants. Most of these moisturizers are labeled as night moisturizers, but they can be worn during the daytime also if need ed. They are extra protection against the dry air.

If you all of a sudden change your skin care routine or products, this could have an effect on your skin. Numerous skin care products contain harsh ingredients that can strip away the layer of moisture on your skin. Alcohol would be one of those drying ingredients to avoid. Also, look for sodium lauryl sulfate in the ingredient list. It is a detergent found quite frequently in cleansers or shampoos. You might also want to look for products that do not contain fragrances as many of these can cause allergic reactions similar to dry skin.

If you smoke or live in a household where someone smokes indoors, this could be causing your dry skin problems. Cigarette smoke encourages oxidation, which encourages the production of free radicals. This causes damage to skin cells causing severe dryness as well as cracking of the skin. Smoking is also known to decrease the stores of Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A helps to keep the skin elastic and regulate glands that secrete oil. Stopping smoking or having the smoker in your household go outside to smoke will help if this is the case.

Certain prescription medications can cause dry skin also. These include diuretics, Retina, and cholesterol-lowering statins If you are taking any of these medications, you could talk with your doctor to see about switching to something else.

If you spend an enormous amount of time in the sun, it could be causing dryness also. Even if your slather on sunblock, the sun can penetrate enough to dry it out. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and cover up what you can if you must spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun.

Water is another cause of dry skin, at least on the surface. Drinking it is beneficial, but if you spend a lot of time in the water it will dry your skin out. The skin’s natural oils will evaporate with the water. Avoid or limit time spent in chlorinated pools and hot baths whenever possible.

As we get older the skin will not retain the water that it once did. It is normal for those in their 50’s and above to have dry skin. Many skin products are on the market that can help keep your skin moist. The best products are made with all natural ingredients that do not include alcohol, fragrances or synthetic ingredients.

Skin dryness has many causes, but in most cases there are solutions to help combat this condition. Consideration must be made as to what is causing the dryness. Think about what environmental factors are present or medications taken. Always look for skin care products that are natural without synthetic ingredients that can cause dryness. If you have a persistent dry skin condition, visit your dermatologist. She may be able to diagnose the cause and recommend a treatment regimen.

Five Important Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

Five Important Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy eating is a good habit for everyone to have. For pregnant women, it is especially important. Eating healthy foods with proper vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy helps ensure the development of a healthy baby. Taking prenatal vitamins is a wise choice, but taking them in conjunction with healthy eating habits is a brilliant choice. There are several foods that all pregnant women should consider incorporating into their diets to improve the health of their babies.

Whole grains

Whole grains are a great source of B vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, and iron. Try replacing crackers, breads, and pastas with their whole grain counterparts. Eating a whole grain breakfast cereal for breakfast each morning is a good way to include whole grains early in the day. If the mother-to-be prefers a hot breakfast, give oatmeal a chance.


Beans contain more protein than any other vegetable. All kinds of beans are good sources of protein, zinc, folate, fiber, and calcium. Protein is one of the major players in building healthy cells It is recommended that all pregnant women consume plenty of protein, but sometimes it can be difficult to find sources other than meats. Calcium is also vitally important during pregnancy. Calcium helps make the baby’s bones strong, but also helps the mother maintain her own bone health.


Eggs contain vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate, zinc, and several other vitamins and minerals. They are high in protein and calcium as well. Very few meats contain the nutrients that can be found in eggs. The yolk of an egg is meant to be the food source for a developing baby chicken. This means that egg yolks contain a wide variety of nutrients that are helpful in the development of a healthy human baby. A single large egg is less than 100 calories, but contains up to 3% of the daily calcium requirement for an average person.


Another good source of protein and calcium, yogurt is widely available in the dairy section of all grocery stores. Besides protein and calcium, yogurt also contains potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. In recent years, Greek yogurt has become quite popular on the American market. This is wonderful news, as Greek yogurt contains twice the protein of other types of yogurt. For pregnant women who seek high protein sources that are not meat or eggs, Greek yogurt is the perfect option.


Spinach is loaded with vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. It is also a fantastic source of fiber and iron. Many leafy greens are good sources of these types of vitamins and nutrients, but spinach contains higher levels of iron than any other leaf. Rather than using lettuce in salads, pregnant women should consider using spinach. Baby leaves are sweet and flavorful, and they go wonderfully with a light vinaigrette dressing.

Pregnancy is a beautiful, stressful, hopeful, difficult, wonderful time of a woman’s life. Health is so very important during this time. Expecting mothers should incorporate these foods, and other nutrient-rich foods, into their diets to help with the development of a healthy baby.

Here’s Why You Need to Protect Your Teeth Through the Flu Season

Here’s Why You Need to Protect Your Teeth Through the Flu Season

Everyone hates coming down with the flu. Not many people worry for their teeth when they first get a case of the sniffles, though. They should. For a number of reasons, the condition of your teeth can quickly suffer when you’re sick with the flu. If you don’t see how this might happen, here is the detailed story.

Consider the effects of cold and cough medicine

Whether your throat is just beginning to feel irritated and has you reaching for a cough drop, or you have a full-blown attack and want nothing more than to chug on a bottle of
Day quil, you’re hurting your teeth.

These products contain plenty of sugar and corn syrup that stick to the teeth. Syrups are especially dangerous. The fact that many contain alcohol (products such as Hall’s, Dristan Cough and Formula 44 Cough) makes things worse. Alcohol tends to dry out the mouth, which means that there is less saliva cleaning the teeth. With the natural tendency being to breathe through the mouth through a cough or cold, the dryness only gets worse.

You usually like acidic drinks when you’re sick

Cold medicines such as Alka-Seltzer Plus hurt the teeth. They are acidic in nature, and attack the teeth by corroding them.

From or juice to ginger ale and honey lemon tea, there is a lot of acidic stuff that goes with the typical cold or cough. Certainly, these tend to not be anywhere near as bad as cough syrup, because they aren’t thick enough to stick to the teeth. Nevertheless the quantity – cupfuls rather than capfuls – makes a difference.

Your immune system is usually too busy

Whether you have a cold, cough or flu, your immune system is working hard fighting it. Usually, this means that it has less time to devote to some of its usual chores – such as fighting the bacteria on your teeth. These bacteria can have a good time then attacking you teeth.

You probably let your oral hygiene routine slide

It’s understandable that when you’re sick, you would want to give yourself a break. If you don’t feel like getting out of bed to brush, you deserve a little understanding. It actually doesn’t work out very well for your teeth, though. It’s important, if anything, to double down on your oral hygiene.

What else can you do to help the situation?

There are a number of areas where you can make up your mind to help you teeth. Your first idea should be to make sure that your cough syrup doesn’t hurt your teeth. Dilute any
cough syrup that you take. You only need to mix in a little water. The thinner it is, the less likely it is to stick to your teeth. You also want to keep a big glass of warm water next to your bed. No matter what you drink that’s sweet or that could be acidic, you want to rinse your mouth right away.

It’s a good idea to look for cough syrups and other products that contain no alcohol. It’ll help with the saliva flow in your mouth to not having alcohol coming in. It helps also to stay hydrated. The more water you drink, the more saliva you will have. It’s a good idea to reach for water, rather than soda or juices.

Tips for Examining Your Vehicles Brakes

Tips for Examining Your Vehicles Brakes

There are many important components to the average vehicle, but perhaps none is as important as the braking system. The braking system is absolutely critical to the safe operation of the vehicle, and any problems that could impact this critical system should be examined and resolved at once.

It is a good idea for every driver to be aware of the condition of the braking system, and to inspect your cars the brakes on at least an annual basis, which can be done through a car inspection company or mechanic. A lot can be gleaned about the braking system and its condition simply by driving the car every day, and any changes in stopping ability or braking distances should be taken as a serious sign and addressed without delay. If the car begins to pull to one side, take longer than usual to stop, or if the brake pedal feels soft or squishy, the car should immediately be taken to a qualified mechanic or brake shop.

If the brakes begin to make noise, it is also a serious symptom and one that should be addressed as quickly as possible. As various parts of the braking system begin to wear, they may begin to exhibit certain noises A good mechanic should be able to diagnose these noises and replace the parts that are worn.

If it has been some time since your brakes were last inspected it may be a good idea to have a thorough inspection performed. If your state requires an annual or semi-annual vehicle inspection, chances are the braking system is included in that check. If not, it is important to make an appointment with a mechanic or brake shop at least once a year to have the car”s braking system thoroughly assessed.

Part of any braking system examination should be a close look at the brake pads and brake shoes These components of the braking system should be examined for signs of excessive wear, and replaced if necessary.

The braking system should also include an examination of the rotors or brake drums, and the brake calipers If the rotors are warped or out of round they should be machined until they are functioning as designed. Often a warped rotor will make itself known through the operation of the brake pedal. If the pedal pulsates when it is depressed it may be an indication that the brake rotors need some attention.

The brake fluid should also be included in a check of the braking system. If the level of fluid in the reservoir has dropped, it could indicate a leak somewhere in the system. In fact, the level of brake fluid should be checked every time the car has its oil changed. Checking the brake fluid frequently will help to head off any problems, or spot any leaks, before they can do serious damage.

Antilock brakes may need special attention, and it is important to have the antilock braking mechanism checked at least once a year as well. It is important to ensure that the antilock brakes are in good working order, especially before winter driving season arrives.

While an annual brake system inspection is an important part of an overall system of preventive maintenance, the careful attention of the driver on a daily basis can be even more important. Some braking system problems will be subtle at first, but as time progresses they will begin to make themselves known in a variety of ways. It is important for drivers to be on the lookout for signs of trouble and prepared to address them at once. A small problem can often be fixed for just a few dollars, while a major braking system overhaul can easily run into the hundreds of dollars.

Among the signs and symptoms that could indicate a problem with the braking system are the following:

-The brake pedal is difficult to push down
-The brakes must be pumped in order to get a response