dental veeners

Look After Your Brighter Smile – Caring for Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a very effective form of cosmetic dentistry, making it both simple and relatively inexpensive to fix stained or chipped teeth, resulting in a brighter, happier smile. High quality veneers that have been expertly fitted should last for years, especially if you follow these few simple steps to help keep them in perfect condition.… Read the rest


Enjoyable ways for Senior Citizens to supplement their Pension


(note: The Following graphs were recieved a by a Nursing Home Facility providing care in Portland, Oregon) Seniors have expenses similar to everyone else yet must live on the reduced income of a pension. Even seniors that enjoy a mortgage-free home still have to come up with money for property taxes and repairs, such as a new roof.… Read the rest


Knowing How to Handle Conflict Creates a Lasting Relationship

It is an unavoidable fact of life that within every relationship there will be occasional conflicts. Knowing the smartest ways to deal with these conflicts will help you sustain a long, happy and healthy relationship. The most successful couples are those who have figured out how to resolve conflict in these healthy ways:

Set ground rules for disagreements – These include no name calling or bringing up past mistakes, because what was done in the past is over.… Read the rest